As the covid 19 virus continues to drive change in our daily lives we at HR&G continue to pursue the safest and cleanest property possible. One of these new procedures includes the elimination of personal dogs/pets in our rooms. Nobody understands your relationship with your dog more than us, but let’s face it they shed and sometimes have accidents. We suggest you keep your dog in a portable kennel that we will furnish if you don’t bring one with you.

Effective 6/1/2020, there will be a $100 charge per pet. In addition, your pet(s) must be kenneled while you are not in your room.



Louisiana Hunting

Guided duck hunts (with retrievers) are available at Hackberry Rod & Gun. Season dates are usually set in mid-August which begins our bookings. Our guided duck hunts are morning hunts taking place in the marshes of Cameron Parish. We hunt 2 hunters plus the guide in our clean, sunken fiberglass blinds on 15,000 acres with 1 blind per 1,000 acres.

Types of Birds: A variety of puddle-duck and divers with gadwall, wigeon, pintail and teal being most common. Snows, blues and whitefronts (speckled bellies) being the most common geese.

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